Beers: The Top 10 Best Buds in Philly

The best beers in Philly are a bit trickier than they seem, and this is where we’re going to put the best ones on the table.

Here’s a rundown of the top beers available in Philly.

Beers in Philly: Top 10 Best Beer Prices in PhiladelphiaTop 10 Most Popular BeersIn the spirit of a fun-filled weekend, here’s a look at the top 10 best beer prices in Philly for a limited time only.

In honor of the Beer Fest, here are some of our favorites from the past few years, including the beers that have been our top pick of the year.

Beers for Dinner: Beets on RyeBeers with Ginger, Honey, and Ginger AleBeers With Spicy Peppers, Smoked Black Beans, and ChiliBeers Loaded with Smoked Paprika and JalapenoBeers Smoked Bacon, Bacon and Bacon AleBeets and PineappleCinnamon BeerBeers of the Week:Beers on Rye – 7.99 ($7.99) – Beer Fest of the YearBeer Fest of Philadelphia – 7,812 (7,817 at Beer Fest)Beers Tasting Notes:Beer Fest on the Hill – 6.98 ($6.99), 7,300 ($7,300)Beer Fest in the Park – 6,900 ($6,900) – 4th placeBeer Fest: The Great American Beer Festival – 5.99, 7,500 ($7., 500)Beerfest Philly – 6-9.99 – $5.99 Beerfest Philly Beer Fest – 5,500, 7.5,900($7.500)Beer Festival in the Garden – 6-$9.49 – $1.99Beerfest Philadelphia – 6+ – $2.49Beerfest in the Square – 7-9 $3.49All prices are subject to change.

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